joanne burke

Joanne Burke
Nesmith Hall, Room 103
joanne.burke@unh.edu, (603) 862-1456
Community and public health nutrition education

Mary Katherine Lockwood

Mary Katherine Lockwood
Spaulding Hall, Room 260
mkkl@cisunix.unh.edu, (603) 862-0264
Effect of micronutrients on diabetic complications of the vasculature; role of EMS in public health response to mass casulty and epidermic


Gale Carey
Kendall Hall, Room 403
gale.carey@unh.edu, (603) 862-4628
Nutritional biochemistry; obesity and diabetes; environmental chemicals; young adult health

jesse morrell

Jesse Stabile Morrell
Kendall Hall, Room 418
jesse.morrell@unh.edu, (603) 862-2547
Human nutrition; young adult health


Joanne Curran Celentano
Kendall Hall, Room 407
joanne.celentano@unh.edu, (603) 862-2573
Nutritional Risk and Antioxidant Status in the Elderly

kevin pietro

Kevin Pietro
Kendall Hall, Room 209
kevin.pietro@unh.edu, (603) 862-5372

Sports Nutrition; nutrition for health and wellness; clinical nutrition; nutrition and multiple sclerosis

Maggie L. Dylewski

Maggie Dylewski
Kendall Hall, Room 216
, (603) 862-4524
Clinical nutrition


Ruth Reilly
Kendall Hall, Room 414
ruth.reilly@unh.edu, (603) 862-2164
Human nutrition; nutrition education; women's health

Colette Janson-Sand

Colette Janson-Sand
Nesmith Hall, Rom 105
chjs@unh.edu, (603) 862-1723
Human nutrition; nutrition education

catherine violette

Catherine Violette
Kendall Hall, Room 209
catherine.violette@unh.edu, (603) 862-2496
Nutrition education, food acquisition, food safety

Faculty Emeriti

dennis bobilya

Dennis Bobilya



Anthony R. Tagliaferro